Gideon International schools admit children of preschool and school age between 1 year and 2years.
1. Gideon International school operates an entrenched Montessori system of teaching from creche through early primary level .The dignity of individual and high moral value is the culture of Gideon International school.
2. Gideon Comprehensive High School is a six grade school with a broad based curriculum consisting of all subjects as approved by the Lagos State and Federal Government and the national/international examinations bodies like NECO and WAEC. In Gideon Comprehensive High School the focus is on improving the creative and innovative minds and abilities of students. Striving at promoting science and technological knowledge and skills of students for individual and national life and the world at large. According to Bob Beauprez “education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents with high expectation.”
AS a long standing school our facilities are constantly upgraded to meet the level of students and the national standard. We are proud of the boarding facilities for both male and female students supported by mature and God fearing matron and house masters. There are transport facilities for day students to and fro the school. Our location is accessible from any part of the city from mainland to the island. Our greatest facility is the pool of competent human resources in both teaching and non teaching staff available to help out with the students. There is school counseling office manned by the school counselor. For fitness we have Physical and Health Education teacher and The Legion on ground at weekends
Department of Science
The school is described as a science based school in that must emphasis is attached to the development of scientific mind and technical skills for living.
Department of Applied Science and Mathematics
The department, through the help of its dedicated teachers base its teaching and learning activities on a technical teaching methodology known as LEARNING CYCLE that is a method that developes the cognitive,deductive and innovative reasoning of the students.
Department of Languages
The department comprises of the following subjects: English Language, Yoruba Language, Igbo Language, French and Literature in English. The department is to enable students acquire the skills of communication written and spoken.
Department of Arts
The department is for all round education of students to use their bodies and talents and artistery. Creative art,dance and music are there both for fun and talent hunt.
Department of Business and Vocation
Practical subjects like Home Economics, Home Management,Fishery Electric and Electrical Repairs, Painting, Tie and Dye, and many more. Entrepreneurship, Book Keeping and Data Processing are offered.
Guidance and Counselling Unit
The unit was established to help students meet their needs in having balance adjustment and enjoy life while in school and make the best of the school community and learn with high grades. The unit is open to all students, teachers and parents.